Website Design and Hosting

A fully functional, visually appealing website is a necessity in today's world. It's where you greet most of your customers for the very first time. It needs to be welcoming and helpful to ensure a smooth experience for your prospects.

Ask yourself if you love your site, or if you see room for improvement. We are firmly in the “responsive web design” era and we can create mobile friendly sites from scratch, or we can advise on redesigning your legacy site.

"Responsive web design" simply means that your site responds to the device on which it is being viewed, and now, more than half the time, that device is a smartphone or a tablet.

Your site should be optimized for mobile first, with expanding features for larger screens. Simple! Really, it starts with simplicity, and it can be beautiful.

DIG Website Design and Hosting packages start at $299 a month with a 6-month commitment.

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