Precision Digital Ad Targeting

The marketing industry's buzz term is “audience extension” because targeting does just that.  We help you extend your reach to find prospective customers wherever they may be, and we can “retarget” customers who have expressed an interest in your business. This type of advertising is also called “programmatic.”      

At DIG, we use a software platform to cherry-pick the media where your digital advertising should be displayed. Our technology support system, what’s known as a “demand-side platform” (DSP), automates media buying based on data collected from specific consumers.

Those consumers are targeted across a broad range of media channels — based on your business needs — to extend your audience reach.

The DIG DSP can access billions of available advertising spaces across all devices. Results are mapped in performance reports in real time, with built-in flexibility so your ad spend can be shifted to the channels where you are getting the best response. With retargeting, your business gets a second chance to make a first impression.

DIG Audience Extension packages include developing a tactical strategy for your business, static banner ad design, and much more.

DIG Audience Extension packages start at $599 a month with a 6-month commitment.

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