Meet the DIG Team

DIG -- Digital Impact Guides -- is a partner in the Small News Group (SNG), named for the Small family of Kankakee, Illinois, who have been in the information business since 1903. That's right, more than 100 years of making connections in our local communities.

Our dynamic company leaders are Len Robert Small and Sally Hendron.  

Our local news brands in Illinois include Kankakee Daily Journal and The Times of Ottawa. We publish the Post Bulletin, Rochester city magazine and AgriNews in Rochester, Minnesota.

Let DIG bring the strength and integrity of SNG's commitment to community to your marketing presence.

We are happy to consult with you to assess your needs and provide the right advertising, marketing and promotional plan.

DIG can guide you to a better understanding of the current media landscape, and help you position your business for success.

Drop us a line today!

Our Team

Ellen Meany


Randy Fisk

Vice President

Adam Rud

Web Developer

Veronica Joachim

Digital Ad Designer

Aimee Tacey

Business Development Analyst
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