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We Help Search Engines Find You

DIG SEO Basic includes optimized local business directory listings in Google and Bing. We can help connect your business to potential clients at the very moment they are poised to respond.
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We Can Build Your Social Media Presence

If your idea of using Facebook is posting puppy pics and cat videos, unless you’re a pet store you may need our help! We offer best-practice expertise and support across platforms.
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We Offer Precision Digital Ad Targeting

The marketing industry's buzz term is “audience extension” because targeting does just that. We help you extend your reach to find prospective customers wherever they may be.
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We Can Build and Host Your Website

Ask yourself if you love your site, or if you see room for improvement. We are firmly in the “responsive web design” era and we can create mobile friendly sites from scratch, or we can advise on redesigning your legacy site.
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We Offer Mobile Marketing Insights

Sometime in 2014 we passed the tipping point for time spent on mobile devices as a percentage of the total time spent online; it’s now at 51% and growing.
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We Can Help Manage Your Email Marketing

From custom-built emails delivered to locally vetted lists, to creating templates and content plans for keeping in touch with your valued customers, we have plans to fit.
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Between Facebook and our great web site, it's all we can do to keep up! I love it!
Thanks for everything you have done for us! You are terrific!


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Working with Ron Hanson, Senior Digital Media Consultant, Post-Bulletin Company, LLC/Digital Impact Guides, has been a pleasure from start to finish. He listens to the client as to their goals and what they wish to accomplish on the website. He is knowledgeable and has a keen sense on what can be done to make the website interesting, concise, eye catching with great design but most importantly, easy to navigate and optimized for mobile devices. We are so pleased with our new website and it has helped to promote our events as well as to showcase our antiques and artwork. We highly recommend Ron Hanson to anyone who wishes to build a unique but effective website

— Richard / Kae Townsend TOWNSEND PROMOTIONS

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